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14 Jul

Silvia and Francisco, the Owners

The Owners are a couple that has been married for over 19 years, composed by a beautiful Colombian and a “Gringo” Chilean, who live all year in the Lodge. We are both Defenders of the Rights of Nature and of the Indigenous Peoples, in...
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30 Jan


For those of us who make Anaconda Lodge Ecuador it’s a great honor to be able to count again this year, 2019 (third consecutive year) with the presence of Save The Frogs, a Foundation dedicated to the conservation of frogs and toads.
29 Jan

Trip Advisor Hall of Fame 2018

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador has been the only lodging place in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador that has been honored with the “Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame 2018” of TripAdvisor!
7 Sep

Save the Frogs 2018!

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador We are excited to announce that next year’s Ecuador Ecotour group will be returning for two nights to the unique Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Located on Anaconda Island in the heart of the rainforest, the Anaconda Lodge Ecuador has much to...
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7 Sep

Amazing Amazonian Bird

Hoatzin (Opisthocomus Hoazin), a strange-looking bird. When it is chick has claws in its wings that it uses to climb the trees and to be able to fly. It is estimated that in 36 million years this bird has not changed.