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Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Bar

First of all the products that Anaconda Lodge Ecuador uses for its restaurant are mostly produced in the gardens of our neighbors, 100% organic.
Secondly Anaconda Lodge Ecuador specializes in vegetarian and vegan food, one of the best and exquisite in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. We are also specialists in typical Ecuadorian food, the idea is that our guests can choose between vegetarian, vegan or carnivore.
Also our Bar “Anaconda” is a place of relaxation and meeting with guests from all latitudes of the planet, where they exchange their experiences of travelling around Ecuador.
The owner of the Lodge, Francisco, is an excellent Barman, his specialty is Peruvian and Chilean Pisco Sour.


Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Your Home in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Kichwa House

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Ancestral Hike

Great Deal "April - May 2022"

Great Deal

Come and Experience a close contact with Nature, its Fauna in one of the most Biodiverse places on the Planet... ¡Amazon!

  • 2 nights: USD $170 per person*
  • 3 nights: USD $260 per person*

* Applies restrictions:
- Minimum 3 adults
- Apply only april and may 2022