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22 Mar

Orion, Luna and Dali, Anaconda Lodge Ecuador’s canine staff

Are the three members of a family of German Shepherds who make important part of anaconda lodge.

Orion was the first to arrive, a solid black pastor. He came in January 2013 when he was four months old.

He turned an important part of the lodge staff.

He was associated with the passengers from the beginning, creating bonds with them, and feeling the bounce again and again.

When Orion fulfilled 6 months with us, we brought a beautiful black fire German Shepherd LUNA.

Orion received with great curiosity to LUNA whose loving character was winning the heart of Orion and everyone at the hotel.

ORION and LUNA are an inseparable pair. For the vast majority of our guests meet with these canine hosts is a great joy, many of them have been traveling for a long time and have left home to their pets, and can even for a few days to give love to ORION and LUNA makes feel at home itself.

Almost a year ago LUNA and ORION had a family of eight puppies. Four males and four females. Revolutionized the lodge, it was an event.

Seven of them found a home with different families, only one DALI  stayed here with his parents and us, forming the large doglike family Anaconda Lodge.

These beautiful pastors share games all day run across the field and happy swimming in the river, and share their joy with our guests.

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