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2 Mar

Ecuadorian Amazon 2015 – wildlife photography

Getting to Anaconda Lodge Ecuador is to discover the nature, jungle, the world that was born on a sea of fresh water.

Today, we want to show and tell all the adventures of a region that refuses to be changed. Native peoples with their beliefs, myths, legends and knowledge. Rainforests still present in all its forms, rivers flowing from the Andes are headed to the Atlantic Ocean loaded with sediments and tannins that irrigate these clay soils. Share with us experiences by visiting these awesome places, native houses, primary rainforest, jungle in constant evolution, and in daily conversations, discover how it was born the “lungs of the world”, who were the ancestral groups that inhabited these parts as the Western men is changing. We are on an island in the midst of the mighty Napo River and its tributaries beautiful,we are in the jungle, we are returning into the past with modern comforts, with a varied cuisine that combines perfectly the traditional local and international dishes, an excellent bar, tours with native guides and many other activities.

In other words, a cultural tourism on behalf of ecology, native peoples and in close contact with nature. Welcome to your house in the Ecuadorian Amazon!

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