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Our Team

We are the Owners of Anaconda Amazon Lodge Ecuador…a Colombian, Silvia and a Chilean Francisco…Ecologists and Great Defenders of Nature of the Amazon Basin and its Native Peoples!

Welcome to your home in the Ecuadorian Amazon!


Saul Vargas, employee, Native Kichwa

Claudia Vargas, Cook, Native Kichwa


Cesar Cerda, Local Guide, Native Kichwa


Patricio Chimbo, Employee, Native Kichwa


Blanca Dahua, Employee, Native Kichwa


Bertila Cerda, Kitchen assistent. Native Kichwa


Carlos Chimbo, employee. Native Kichwa.


The philosophy of the owners of Anaconda Amazon Lodge is to give work to the Indigenous of this part of the Amazon.


Anaconda Lodge Ecuador: Your home in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. The Kichwa house

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Ancestral Hike