About Us

We are the Owners of Anaconda Lodge Ecuador…Silvia from Colombia and Francisco from Chile, with more than 25 years living in Ecuador…both Ecologists and Great Defenders of the Nature and its Native People of the Amazon Basin!

Eugenio Naranjo is our administrator, with more than 15 years of experience in receptive tourism management, generating experiences that transform people’s lives, through interacting with the environment and its natural dynamics.



Welcome to your home in the Ecuadorian Amazon!



Saul Vargas, employee, Native Kichwa

Claudia Vargas, Cook, Native Kichwa


Luis Dahua, Employee, Native Kichwa


Blanca Dahua, Employee, Native Kichwa


Bertila Cerda, Kitchen assistant. Native Kichwa


Anaconda Island is a magical place of 70 hectares (173 acres) located between the Napo and Arajuno rivers in the heart of the Amazon rainforest of the Napo province in Ecuador.

First of all, Anaconda Island is the meeting of two ancestral cultures: Kichwa and Waorani, a mystical Island with many stories and a Sacred place for the Kichwa Nationality.

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador is located on this incredible island, which has endless species of fauna and especially flora, the Amazon is known as the pharmacy of the Planet.

The philosophy of the owners of Anaconda Amazon Lodge is to give jobs to the Indigenous people of this part of the Amazon (Kichwa or Napo Runa).


Anaconda Lodge Ecuador: Your home in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. The Kichwa house

Anaconda Lodge Ecuador. Ancestral Hike